Getting a Jump on Summer

In my part of world, Old Man Winter has not shown any signs of leaving soon. Matter of fact, it snowed again last night.

However there is hope of better days ahead, for those of you in the same circumstances.

This weekend only, Cedar Point is offering buy one get one free ticket. The tickets are valid for a one day visit, from opening day, May 5 through September 3. You can find more details here.

The newest ride this year is the Steel Vengeance. It is the world’s first steel on wood hybrid roller coaster, towering over 200 feet tall with 4 inversions, a speed of 74 mph, 5,740 feet long, and the first drop of 200 feet. The thrill lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Work is still being done but it’s guaranteed to be finished by opening day.

Another new addition, this year, is Lighthouse Point. The ultimate place to stay for those who travel with an RV. It also has quaint cottages and cabins. The 25 new RV sites will include a private patio area with a built in charcoal grill, a wood burning fire pit, a dining table and new restroom facilities with a bath house. The cabin choices are Deluxe, Cottage or Standard, can sleep up to 10 and come with different amenities. Prices also vary.

So, in this season of cold, snow and days of gloomy weather, you can sit back, make a reservation and know when summer shows up, you have a place to enjoy it.

Here’s to Summer!




Target Connection

This weekend, my oldest son and my soon to be daughter in law are celebrating their upcoming wedding with a bridal shower.

One of the places they are registered happens to be Tar-zhay. Or as us paupers know it – Target.

Last night I got into their wedding site, linked to Target and proceeded to browse through the many items on their wish list, hoping to find the ‘perfect’ gift. I noticed some of the items had a 15% discount with a specific promo code. More astonishing and mind blowing was the word displayed as the promo code. I was so flabbergasted, I immediately closed out of the website, waited a few seconds and logged back on.

But my eyes were not deceiving me. The word was still the same, GEORGE. This June, will be the 2nd Anniversary of my dad’s death. And his name? George. Coincidence? Maybe. But at that moment I believed my dad was sending his blessings to my son and his fiancée. I even texted them about it.

Today I told a couple of people about what I had experienced. The first person’s reaction was very blasé. The second person’s reaction was one of awe and surprise, much like mine. She commented, “That’s not coincidence.’ The third person politely listened, as her eyes lit up the more of my story I told. Then she said, “It’s probably for Presidents Day. You know for George Washington or something like that.’ And like a bubble, immediately the belief I had burst and the elation I felt, deflated.

When I got home, I went to the main Target site. The front page confirmed, the discount was for Presidents Day and not my dad sending blessings from heaven.

Then I thought, why can’t it be both? Miracles happen all the time. And I believe, even though death ends a person’s life, it can never take away love.

In the end it doesn’t really matter. For in that moment of seeing my dad’s name, a flood of warmth came over me and I had to smile. For I know I will never forget him. And I will continue to believe, when an occurrence happens and I immediately think of him, he is sending his love and letting me know he, GEORGE…DAD…is okay.

Sending My Love Right Back,


Love Is Lost

Love is patient. Love is kind.

17 dead in shooting at Florida high school.

Love does not envy or boost. It is not proud nor does it dishonor others.

Larry Nasser has been accused of sexual abuse by more than 250 girls.

Love is not self seeking.

Jared Fogle, the Subway spokes person, who pleaded guilty to paying for sex with underage girls and engaging in child pornography, is trying to get his sentence reduced by comparing his crimes with Larry Nasser’s.

Love is not easily angered.

In Idaho, two men, from Montana, were arrested following a road rage incident.

Love keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.

Boston police ring in 2018 by investigating two murders. Both involved shootings.

Love always protects.

Four days ago, a man from Houston, Texas, fatally shot his wife in front of their children.

Love always trusts.

Missouri Governor admits affair after being blackmailed.

Love always hopes.

Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s President, initially inspired hope for the poor. Zuma was forced to resign due to allegations of corruption.

Love always perseveres.

Olympic speed skater Kim Boutin, cries when accepting her bronze medal, after receiving death threats.

Love never fails.

Shootings getting worse. Sexual misconduct and abuse raging. Corruption and greed instigate, erasing morals and values. Threats taking center stage.

We are only 1 1/2 months into 2018. God help us all.

Time For Sayonara

Logan Paul…

Not much of a media maven myself so I had no idea who he was. Until my son told me about Logan’s first debacle of filming a suicide victim. Now, he has posted a video of himself tasering a rat.

The first time YouTube disciplined Logan by removing all his channels from Google Preferred. Not such a great or long lasting consequence as Logan was still able to post on his channel.

This time, YouTube is temporarily, yes that is right folks, TEMPORARILY, removing ads from Logan’s channel.


And I suppose YouTube expects Logan will ‘behave’ in the future?!?!


You wussed out the first go round. Maybe instead you should have shut down Logan’s access. Yes he could go somewhere else but then you wouldn’t be dealing with the issues you are now.

As for his latest stunt? It’s time to get some balls and TAKE HIS CHANNEL DOWN!!! Remove it and ban him from being a contributor! And make it PERMANENT!!!

Let him continue to stain and smear himself. He’s not worth keeping on your system. Especially since he has not shown any interest in changing his behavior.

Yeah, he apologized the first time saying he didn’t post what he did for views. Which is totally BULL SHIT! Then why did he post it?

Man up YouTube!! Logan Paul is a train wreck and if you don’t do something now, you’ll just have yourself to blame when he brings you down.

It’s time to say goodbye, good riddance and farewell. The money made is awfully fine. But is the price being paid worth it?

Old Man Winter

Here, in the Mitten State, Old Man Winter has been leaving mounds of white stuff. This past weekend snow totals ranged from 2″ to 10″. And that was just in the lower peninsula. Copper Harbor, located in Keweenaw County, in the U. P., is the furtherest point north in Michigan. Thus far this season, they have accumulated 203″ of snow.

In my neck of the woods, more snow is predicted tomorrow into Friday, with ranges from 4-7 inches.

I have heard comments from others how tired they are of winter. This, despite the groundhog seeing his shadow, which means about 6 more weeks of this chilly, snowy weather. The good news is there are 41 more days till the official start of Spring. So even if there is still snow on the ground, we can have hope, warmer weather is just around the corner. However, in this state you can never be sure!

How I do digress! Anyway, I consider myself a rare Michigander. I don’t mind the cold nor the snow nor the dreary days so frequently occurring in February. Granted I don’t enjoy driving in it, especially when the plows haven’t made tracks in the road and at any turn, one can encounter black ice, turning even the big heavy trucks into sleds. And I really don’t like the idiot drivers who either drive so slowly, a snail could beat them or the ones who fly right by, like the roads are totally clear or the ones who tail gate.

Despite the cold, the drive, and the predictions of an upcoming snowmageddon, today I witnessed something really funny!

As I was driving, I noticed a woman, bundled up tight from head to toe in as much winter gear as would fit on her body. In one hand she was holding a strap. As I completed my left turn I realized what I initially thought was a strap was actually a leash.

Attached to the leash was a white dog. What was most surprising was what this dog was doing. It made me laugh out loud, as I thought how different people’s outlook on winter would be if they acted like the dog!

Just what was the dog up to? Well, he was laying, on his back, in a snow bank, with his feet waving back and forth as his body wiggled from left to right. It looked like he was having the time of his life romping around regardless of the cold! In that moment I pictured thousands of humans making snow angels.

Flashback to childhood. As a kid I don’t ever remember hearing my friends or myself complaining about winter. I take that back. Complaints only came when we got bundled up in our snow pants, put on our boots, zipped up our coat, donned a hat and covered our hands in knitted mittens, and then realized we had to go to the bathroom. Never failed every time.

Forward to adulthood. In witnessing that dog, I do believe I have a cure for the winter blues disease. Regardless of our maturity, we need to once in a while throw caution to the wind, risk our neighbors calling us lunatics and just

  • Make a snow angel or two
  • Build a snowman
  • Take a walk when the snow is lightly falling
  • Put the snow blower away and one night, when the moon is full, shovel the snow
  • Come to terms in making peace with Old Man Winter

For even though we are dreaming of warmer weather, it will come. And then many will be complaining because it’s too hot!!

As for me, I love the seasonal changes in this state. And I hope, as I get older, I continue to view winter through my inner child’s eyes and have the guts to frolic, at least one time this winter, like the dog I saw today.

Hope, whenever you are, the weather is not too cold or not too hot but just right.

Till next time,


Job – Career

You know that line? The one which connects your birth date with your end date? You know. That little dash? Yeah, the one which you are living now.

Have you figured out how to make the most of it yet? Or what matters the most?

Actually, my dash should be much shorter. For on my birth date, my parents were told to go home as the doctors didn’t think I was going to make it. My mom has negative blood and I have positive. Back then, they didn’t do extensive testing to determine potential issues. So from the get go, my mom and I were literally fighting. As a result, I had to have some blood transfusions. It was ultimately the night pediatrician who discovered I wasn’t as serious as initially thought. I was just hungry. And I’ve been on the ‘see’ food and eat diet ever since!!! LOL!!!

Anyway, here I am, 55 years later. And that dash I previously mentioned? Well after some years and much thought I have figured out not only what and who matters in my life, but why it has grown.

I have always tried to inspire others. Whether it’s coaching them or listening or making them laugh. It wasn’t until right before Christmas, when I realized how I am making the most of that dash.

In one of our department meetings there was a discussion about those who look at their employment as a job versus a career. I silently thought to myself, it’s a job to me. One that keeps food on the table, helps to pay the bills and keeps a roof over my head. A good job, but a job nonetheless.

Before I go on let just define the two –

A job is defined as a paid position of regular employment, a responsibility or duty. Surprisingly another definition is a crime, especially a robbery. Let me assure you, everything about my job is definitely legit!!!

A career is defined as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of one’s life and with opportunities to progress.

Let me reiterate, the work I do, 9-5, 40 hours a week is unequivocally a job.

However, in making the most of the dash, I have a career. A career I am sure no one can get a degree for. A career very few practice. My career is connecting. Yes connecting. Not through social media. (Although I find that quite the oxymoron as I feel technology is causing connection to become obsolete.) Not through texting or emailing or any other techno device. My career consists of connecting, the good old fashioned way, face to face, human to human and heart to heart.

Last week, I was truly invigorated by the connections which occurred. Some were sad. Some were surprising. Some were happy. But all of them made an impression on my life. And in all of them I made an impression as well.

I have nothing against technology. Matter of fact I am writing this on my iPhone. Which is great because I don’t have to lug my laptop out. Plus it leaves for room for my cats to snuggle next to me.

I also have nothing against those who want to soar into the many opportunities their jobs offer, turning their employment into a career.

I just look at having a career differently. And in the end, when my dash has a concluding date, I will know the career path, I have chosen, to inspire, to coach, to listen, to lend a hand and to connect is one which will last long after I am gone.

I have a job. A pretty good one as a matter of fact. But there is also that dash. And I want to make sure I get the most out of it as I can.



The Monday After

Just read an article indicating about 14 million people will be calling in sick today. Why? They have contracted Super Bowl Sunday flu, making this day the biggest sick day of the year.

Now in my neck of the woods the game ended at a reasonable time, 10:30 pm, which was way earlier than I anticipated. In past years the game lasted till midnight and beyond. So I can sympathize with those who decided not to show up at work today. Especially if the party was hardy.

At my home, it was relatively quiet. My son played video games while I read a book during the majority of the Super Bowl. I tuned in at halftime and my son tuned in about 15 minutes before the game ended.

Despite our quiet, non-late, non-party evening, I am part of the millions who are home today. Not because I also contracted the SBS flu, but because I decided to start the month by using one of my vacation days.

And what a treat it is. Especially since winter blasted its wrath all day yesterday leaving behind a swath of white.

It feels so good to be relaxing. And what’s even better is there will be no inquisition concerning my health when I return to work tomorrow.

Depending on your job, vacation time can be quite scarce, especially if it is based on acquiring PTO hours. Maybe it’s time businesses relook at making the day after Super Bowl a holiday. Another alternative would be to offer it to employees as a day without pay. Just a thought…

Anyway if you have SBS flu, hope you recover quickly. And congrats to the Eagles! I always believe, as long as the clock is still running, any team has a chance, regardless of the score and despite predictions.

Here’s to a great Monday, a great week and a great month!