Dear Kathy Griffin,

I usually keep my feelings to myself regarding media hype. However, since I can’t get away from your story, as everyone and their grandmother is talking about it, I am going to voice some words of advice.

  1. Instead of forever whining, take responsibility by apologizing then shut your mouth and let the hype blow over.
  2. For now, yes, your career is momentarily over. But, in 3 months, no one will remember, let alone care, what you did. So do yourself a favor, pack a suitcase, book a flight and go someplace where no one knows you so you can relax and figure out out to put this incident behind you and start over.
  3. Next, time you decide to pull a “funny” stunt, gather a group of your closest friends and try it at first to see their reactions. Or, at the very least, think about the repercussions your actions could have.

And one last thing….quit playing the blame game. You are a smart woman. However you have only yourself to blame for ruining your life. If there is a lesson to be had from all of this, may you learn it so well, it is never forgotten.




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