Lasting Resolution

I just finished reading Christmas Jars Reunion by Jason F Wright. It is about a woman, in a small town, who wishes to gather 1001 jars, filled with change, to give to those in need. Which led to me thinking about resolutions for the New Year. Ones that would be everlasting and make a big impact.

As a result I have started my 2017 Christmas Jar. I guess I should back track for just a moment to explain a bit more.

A Christmas Jar begins with any jar. It can be a pickle jar or mason jar or even one that contained jam, jelly or peanut butter. Just make sure it is sparkling clean before you use it. Then, every day, throughout the year, throw in any spare change you receive. (This also includes any pennies from heaven.) As Christmas gets closer, pay close attention so you can discover someone or a family who could use some extra help. This person may have been laid off or lost a loved one through death or may be a teen who is pregnant. The week of Christmas decide upon the recipient. Then on Christmas Eve, anonymously place the jar where the receiver is likely to find it.

Imagine how much joy you could bring to someone’s life with a bit of change. Seems to be much more gratifying, as well, than dieting or joining a gym.

How bout it? Won’t you join me? It is true one person can change the world. Yet imagine what an impact a few coins could have. And if you’re still undecided, I encourage you to read the book. It may just tug at your heart strings and provide inspiration to get you to hop on board to spread Christmas Jar joy.

After all, shouldn’t the Spirit of Christmas last more than one day a year?

Here’s hoping you start the new year with a Christmas Jar.





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