Thoughts to Ponder

The below was sent to me from an employee I work with. I thought it was a great thing to pass forward. Hope you enjoy it!

There comes a time  when we must stop and enjoy the wonders of our Universe, the many blessings of life we have, the joys of Christmas, the friendships and associations we built throughout the year, and the hopes and dreams we expect from the coming New Year 2017.

 As I visualize all the good things, the blessings, my friends and associates, the lessons learned each and every day, I stop wondering what would have happened at the last bend in the road where I decided not to turn left and instead I turned right. I clearly recognize how fortunate I am, how lucky and grateful I am having each and every one of you to share life’s wonders with you each and every day.

 Having said that, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you the very best Christmas and Happy New Year you ever had.

Blessings Today and Always,




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