Unexpected Encounter

On Wednesday my mom and I were in a local pharmacy picking up a few things. As we were checking out my mom inquired about the price of a People magazine that was on display. She decided it was a bit too pricey. I jokingly said, “If George Clooney was on the cover, it would be worth buying.” A woman, walking by heard me and replied, “I would prefer Paul Newman or Gary Grant or any of the older actors.” Which ultimately led to a discussion between her and my mom about the year they were born, caring for family members and the death of my dad. Which in turn caused the woman to reply, “Oh wait, just a minute. I have something for you.” She proceeded to rummage through her purse. “Well if I can find it, that is.” After a couple of minutes she pulled out her ‘gift’ – a yellow card with a prayer of healing. She handed it to me and explained I could substitute my mom’s name for the word ‘you.’ Then she turned to my mom and asked permission to give her a hug. My mom allowed it. We left granting each other blessings in our good byes. My mom walked away trying to stifle her emotions as tears flooded her eyes. I walked away assuring her maybe we had met an angel in disguise.

It truly amazes me the ways God puts people in our path. Thank you to Him and to this woman. She gave not only a gift of prayer but a gift of kindness, a gift of caring and a gift of unselfishness. Any of which cannot be found on a shelf to purchase. But, all of which this world could use more of.

Blessings, Annie


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