Age Isn’t A Factor When Making a World of Difference

Ed Moseley is 86 years old. He lives at an assisted living community in Georgia. When the residents were encouraged to knit caps for neonatal icu infants at a local hospital, Ed signed up. Only problem? Ed didn’t know how to knit. But that didn’t deter him from learning. With the help of a loom kit, Ed trained himself and in no time at all was busy knitting tiny caps. As a result Ed has managed to knit over 50 caps.

Word spread quickly throughout his community and his family about what he was doing. Pretty soon more people joined the effort. In a couple of months and with everyone’s efforts, 350 caps were made.

On National Preemie Awareness Day, Ed had the chance to deliver the finished results to the local hospital.

Ed continues knitting and is currently taking orders. His caps are free as long as the recipient provides yarn.

Thank you Ed.

You are an inspiration in teaching the adage no one can ever be too old to learn something new. And no matter how old a person is, they can still cause a ripple of kindness and make the world a better place.


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