Starting Today: The Greatness of America

Till the end of this year, my posts are going to reflect the greatness of America. I plan to find events reflecting something great/funny/inspirational, no matter how small. Hopefully, these ripples will form waves, to unite, to expand positivity and to give hope.

So today, I begin in my home state. This tidbit comes from Escanaba, located in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, about 7 hours from Detroit.

Mary Scheuren, a 9 year old girl, is selling hand made scarves to raise money to support her county’s local Cancer Alliance. This young lady’s inspiration came when she was a participant, walking in tribute for her great-grandmother,  in a Relay for Life event. At the time, Mary was only 6 years old.

So far, Mary has made 60 scarves and raised $150. Her favorite part of creating the scarves?
Knowing she is helping the community.

Thank you Mary for doing what you do to make America great.
You are a testament one person can make a difference.
You just have to begin.





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