Presidential Election Results

So it is, Donald Trump has been elected President.

I have seen the protests and the protestors fighting amongst themselves.
I have heard the media, who once scorned him, joining on the band wagon to now support.
I have read articles, filled with advice, from those who know him.

So it is, The Donald, has been promoted.

And we all have a choice.
We can stop being angry and accept.
We can stop fighting amongst ourselves and agree to disagree.
Or we can continue warring.

No, America is no longer the greatest country.
No, we no longer have Presidents who are revered and speak integrity.
No, racism is not dead.
Nor is poverty.

However, isn’t it time, especially now, to try to understand instead of blaming?
Isn’t it time to stop supporting one party over another and start supporting each other?
Isn’t it time to stop watching the media and think for ourselves?
Isn’t it time to unite together as one nation, no matter our beliefs?

So it is, in 2017, Trump will officially become President
However, I believe that is not the real issue.

The real issues are fear of
-the unknown and towards one another.

America has deep wounds and they are getting deeper. And, right now, there is not a band aid or a tube of salve big enough to heal it.Only we, the people can do that.

Only time will tell if Donald Trump can wave his magic wand and fulfill all his promises.
Realistically, I know he can’t. Because he may be a wiz at running a business, but he has a lot of obstacles to face, which I don’t think he realizes.
For now, I am not protesting, nor complaining, just praying.
For him, for his family and for all of America.
It’s up to us to make this land of the free and brave great again.
I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.





2 thoughts on “Presidential Election Results

  1. You have spoken wisely, as always.

    I voted for Donald Trump. I believe in his plans. Draining the swamp is important. Dems and Reps have created the swamp.

    I don’t approve of many things Trump has said. I believe he sought to get even negative attention so we would listen to his ideas to take our country on a more constructive path.

    Tough love is needed. Trump will lead with tough love. I’m exploding inside due to current events and the campaigns and election. I don’t understand those who supported Hillary as they don’t understand me. A businessman and a wise cabinet will fulfill my dreams.

    I am very excited. God works in mysterious ways.


    1. I think change is inevitable and Trump may be the one to do it. I am willing to wait and give him a chance. God does work in mysterious ways and because of that anything is possible.

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