Poll Passing

In two days, America  will have a new president. But will this new president be the epitome of a Great America and Change?

I highly doubt it. We have two candidates whom neither of which I can support. Last election I choose not to vote and this one I am choosing to do the same. And I probably will continue this until I witness a candidate who

  • has integrity and isn’t willing to knock down their opponent to get more votes.
  • doesn’t believe in scandal.
  • will think before speaking.
  • is not rich with money, but with kindness and compassion.
  • is humble.
  • can write a speech that is invigorating, motivating and truthful.
  • won’t make promises that can’t be kept.
  • is for the people of this country who are struggling every day to survive.
  • spouts truth, not bull shit.
  • is not labeled democrat, republican, independent, liberal, etc. but a person who is dedicated to serving the needs of the people today.
  • believes in morality and acts upon it.
  • is real.

Can a candidate possibly possess all of the above? I think so. However, our culture seems to thrive on scandal and loves to see one person pitted against another. I guess the question should be, can a candidate who possesses all the above win?

Maybe. All I know is America’s greatness is rapidly declining. And the two vying at the plate today, aren’t going to make it any better.

So what’s the solution? Possibly having a ‘none of the above’ choice on the ballot. Possibly allowing the current president to serve another term. Possibly going back to the basics and not being brain washed by those whose first agenda is themselves.

I don’t look forward to Tuesday’s election results. I don’t believe either candidate is the lesser of the two evils or going to be an asset to America. Which is why I won’t be at the polls.

For now, I will wait and see for it is possible whomever gets elected will do a great job. However, so far I am not very optimistic.



One thought on “Poll Passing

  1. I voted but I’m very apprehensive about what we’ll be in for, regardless of who is elected. Your is spot on!

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