Finding My Way

In June my father died. Two weeks ago, my mom had a mini stroke.
So between making friends with death, grieving, being a shoulder and caring for my mom,
I am finding my way
Through a maze where I know God is riding right along beside me
Every step of the way
Every tear,
Every frustration,
Every moment that is exhausting.
Dependable, reliable, ever present.
So thankful He is my rock, my strength, my motivation.
For with Him, I can cope.
For with Him, I know my dad resides in Heaven.
For with Him, I know my mom will heal.
For with Him, I am able to accept what is
And move through.
And with Him, I know I have unending support
Even if His plan doesn’t match up with mine.


2 thoughts on “Finding My Way

  1. As always, your writing is beautiful. I’m so sorry for your loss of your father and your mother’s mini-stroke.

    You have had challenges to cope with, indeed. Your faith is invaluable during times like these.

    I know how strong you have become over the years. You are amazing.

    I’ve been doing well. Still working about 30 hours a week at the dental office. I’m sort of watching the Cubs/Indians game.

    Take care, Annie.

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