The Saving Grace of Fear

Another shooting.

Supposingly ‘random’

Occurred in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Question? Why did the woman, whose fiancée, rode in the shooter’s car, as an Uber rider, not contact the police regarding the bizarre behavior of the driver? Instead she twitted a warning about it.

Neighbor statement: ‘Dalton was quiet, liked guns.’ Except days before he was displaying erratic behavior and sporadically shooting his guns.

If you haven’t read it, get the book The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker. Here is what I learned from him:

No shooting is random. There are behaviors that all of us can watch for. Don’t use social media to alert someone, report incidents to the police. And most importantly, trust you gut.

Intervention is the key to prevention. I know the craziness of profiling and being politically correct has managed to put fear into a lot of lives. However, it’s better, in the long run to be safe than sorry. Especially the way the world currently is.

My advice is get the book. It will open your eyes to a whole other aspect of those who are so called quiet yet make the choice to carry out acts of violence.

I’m sure, as with every shooting that has occurred, things will be revealed pointing to signs Dalton wasn’t as quiet or as much of a family man as he portrayed himself to be.

And I believe, despite initial findings, the people killed were not random victims.

It certainly is a tragedy that once again someone made the conscious choice to pick up a gun and execute a man hunting spree.

Sadly, Dalton will probably claim an insanity defense and be released after 5 years. As for the victim’s families? They will never get over this senseless act of violence that took their loved ones away.

As previously stated…read The Gift of Fear. Then when you are done pass it to someone else to read. It could not only save your life but it could also save a loved one’s.


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