Forewarned of A Callous Heart; Heeded Today

Today I observed someone really showing a side of herself others had cautioned me about. I had experienced this side as well but continued to ignore it. I don’t believe I can anymore.

I saw a side of someone who was totally heartless, self centered and down right cruel. And in the midst of it, she showed no inclination of trying to understand the other person’s reaction of bewilderment and confusion.

And the sad part is the other person was forced to admit she was recovering from a stroke.

I ended up joining the conversation to give the stroke person some encouragement but damaging words had already been hurled. And the person who hurled them wasn’t showing any true signs of being sorry. She just continued on, not missing a beat.

It was then I walked away. I could not believe how heartless this person was acting. Although, in reality, it was no different than how she treated me a few weeks ago.

It’s a shame because I really tried to see through the times this person acted poorly. I made excuses. I even figured it was my perception of who I thought she should be.

However, today, confirmed I should have heeded the cautionary warnings when I first heard them.

As Maya Angelou said, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

I guess I should have. But now, this person, despite many admittances of her faults, isn’t ready to change. Nor, do I believe, this incident today, will have any impact on her.

A real shame because I have seen glimpses of kindness and compassion. Unfortunately those moments are far and few between.

For now I still have to engage with her. But until she has an epiphany of how her  attitude is affecting others, I am making a choice to cool it with our friendship.

I can’t consciously consider someone a friend who treats others in the crude, rude and cruel manner she does. However, I am more than willing to give her another try if she changes for the better. I guess only time will tell.

In the meantime I will be praying for her. For the one being who can change a callous heart is God and I’m banking on His intervention.

I will also be praying for the one debilitated by stroke. The kindness of her heart has frequently shone through. I pray it shines bright again. And I believe, with God’s grace, it will.




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