The First Day of the Rest of My Life

For this Lenten season, instead of giving up something, I am jumping back on the healthy lifestyle wagon.

First time I jumped on, I was 193 pounds and in a size 1X. I ended up losing 60 pounds and wearing size 2/4 clothes. Then well…I could list all the excuses why I stopped but this post is not about excuses. It’s about the first day of the rest of my life…

Today I weigh 175.5. Yep that is 45.5 pounds gained since my last venture. Today I wear size 10 clothes. Today there is no doubt about it and no other way to say it

I AM UTTERLY DISGUSTINGLY FAT!!!! (And I will not apologize for saying it because none of you have seen me naked so you have no idea.)

Which is why I am jumping back into getting myself and my body healthy FOR GOOD!!!

As I walked today I thought of things I did last time that worked. These things I will be doing again this round as well. Some you may find helpful, some you may not. Either way, if one person jumpstarts their life because of this post, I will be thrilled!!

On your mark, get set and

  1. Pick a day and begin. Then ever after make a date with yourself even if that means you have to put it in your planner.
  2. Start slow. If you want to be a runner, walk the first week or so building your body’s stamina.
  3. Listen to your body. Take rest days and don’t push to the point of injury.
  4. Vary the intensity of your workout. Switch up cardio with floor exercises and weight training days.
  5. I don’t diet nor do I count calories. Instead I portion control. I don’t drink pop nor do I eat a lot of junk food. But I also don’t deprave myself. I set one day a week to indulge, within reason, my sweet tooth and my love of craft beers. The rest of the week if I crave something I allow myself to have it but in small size portions.
  6. I weigh myself once a week, butt naked. I realize my weight will fluctuate but the results of what is occurring to my body matter more.
  7. Instead of languishing over how much I have to lose, I give myself kudos for getting off my ass and exercising or not using food to soothe my emotional state.
  8. Every milestone achieved, reward yourself by treating yourself to a full body massage, buying some pretty lingerie or taking a dance class.
  9. No matter how painful or shameful or disgusting you may feel, take pictures of yourself from day one throughout your journey. (No one else has to see them. Although posting a few on your fridge or snack cabinet may help you from gorging on the wrong stuff.)
  10. Pack your lunch.
  11. Learn to like fruits and veggies.
  12. Make dinner.
  13. Try to get away from buying processed foods.
  14. Since I live in a state where we currently are experiencing winter, I won’t exercise outside unless it is at least 15 degrees. On the days less than that I do ab exercises, strength training or walk up and down the stairs in my apartment.
  15. Most importantly, NEVER QUIT and prove not only the naysayers but your  inner voice of doubt YOU CAN DO THIS and YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!

After all this is the first day of the rest of your life. So make it not only great but everlasting.






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