Out With the Old, FOR GOOD

Today, I am sitting with my department, at a restaurant, for lunch. Towards the end of the meal, I feel someone poking me and yelling, ‘HEY!!’ When I turn around I see my old boss. But he isn’t stopping to say ‘hi’ or chat. He is rushing towards the cash register. And behind him are some of the guys I used to work with. Most of them high fived me on their way out. All of them said, “hello.”

Now I have not seen any of them since I quit, 3 years ago. I was surprised my ex-boss did what he did to get my attention. However, I was not surprised at the way he did it. When I left, I could have recommended his company to the one I am currently at. You see, he owns a printing company. Matter of fact, I briefly mentioned them to my old boss. But she told me the quotes she received, in the past, were always much higher than everyone else’s. It wasn’t until my review, last year, my current boss questioned why I left. I told her the owner’s wife told me I laughed too loud, had conversations that were too long with the customers and didn’t like the way I wrapped the yearly gifts. This last one after 5 years of doing the job with nary a complaint. Also, the owner was notorious for gossiping, having screaming tantrums two to three times a week and bullying employees to get a job done. Definitely a situation I was EXTREMELY happy to leave!!!

However, today, when I saw the owner and his harem, I realized he has not changed. And in that moment, I also realized he and his ‘lovely’ wife were no longer going to intrude on my thoughts. Because I defied his expectations by quitting. And, due to the lack of integrity, when I am asked why I quit, I don’t nix words or put a ‘positive’ spin on it.

As the entourage left, my boss asked me to share, with the rest of the our group, what I had been told at the other company. I gladly did. I also told them how interesting it was that the things the old company didn’t like, the one I am at loves. Why is that? I tend to believe the company I am currently at is more people oriented. The old company was more money oriented. Yet, raises were nil. One of my friends, who still works there, told me  she asked the owner for a raise and he told her, her raise was the company footing the bill for health insurance. Really?!?!?! Yet, the owner and his wife had no problem spending money on new cars, going on exotic vacations and staying in top of the line hotels. (I only know this as the owner not only  gossiped about others but was quick to let everyone know his personal business as well.) I remember, when they were building a house. One of the vendors and the wife were talking at my desk. He was asking her about the progress of the house. Then he asked, ‘Are you going to use the furniture you have?’ She replied, ‘Oh no, we are getting all new furniture.’ I just sat there, stunned, thinking ‘She has got to be KIDDING!!!’ I realize, in hindsight, working there I was never going to go far. I was only working to sustain the owner’s and his wife’s lifestyle.

What’s totally awesome is I took the leap. And the other side is so much better than I could have imagined!!! Today I felt so powerful and in control knowing my ex-boss and his wife would never be a part of my life ever again. I also felt great knowing our company is working with a better printer who is more personable and aligns well with our company value of having integrity.

Interesting how we have the capacity to change a situation, which allows us to grow into someone fabulous!!! More interesting is how some people don’t ever change. But in our growth, we learn to not give a damn. Instead we move forward, taking more leaps and bounds to catch the goals we know we want to obtain.

It is definitely dog eat dog world out there. Nevertheless, there are the few who are making it less a one of greed and self centeredness. As for those who enjoy feasting on others, karma will eventually catch up. And I know from experience, when karma bites, the wound takes forever to heal.



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