Winter Favorites

Over at AARP there is a forum with the topic what is your favorite thing about winter? I know quite a few people who would shudder if I asked them that question. As for me, well my dream is to move Up North, not Yooper up north, just to almost the tip of lower Michigan. Those who know of this wish react with a roll of their eyes, then a reply of “You are crazy!!!” You see winter generally arrives up north around October and can last well into April and even the beginning of May. But I am a born and bred Michigander which is why I tend to like winter. Actually it is my favorite season of all. And this are the reasons why…

  • I am never too hot or too cold.
  • I find snow filled yards on full moon lit nights more beautiful than sunny days.
  • Times when the sun doesn’t shine helps me appreciate Spring and Summer.
  • Time is turned back allowing one hour to be regained.
  • Days become shorter meaning I have a great excuse for going to bed at 8 pm.
  • Places that are pristine after a snowfall are absolutely gorgeous!
  • And the best part about winter? When it snow storms on Saturday or Sunday granting an adult snow day.

Yes, I love winter. And here in Michigan it is not only beautiful but there are many places to cross country ski, snow mobile and even canoe. That is correct, canoe, of which one can be rented to cruise and enjoy winter’s splendor on the AuSable river. Also way up in Yooper land, you can learn to climb the water falls that have frozen over. And if an Ice Bridge forms you can snow mobile across the lake from Mackinac Island to St. Ignace.

Most of all my favorite part of winter is the peacefulness the snow leaves as it covers the dreary landscape with its cushiony blanket of white.

I guess it is good I live where I do. I know, despite the sometimes frigid temps and the challenges of driving, I could not move to a state where the weather is temperate nor one that gets bombarded with ice storms. At least here, when winter does become a tad boring I know another season of beauty will follow.

As for those of you who wish for winter to come only on Christmas and go away, maybe this post will help you see winter differently, even if you view it from inside a warm cozy home. However, there is hope in the future as Spring is a mere 66 days away.






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