Trading Bad News For Good

Recently Mitch Albom wrote about his resolution for 2016. In a nutshell, it was to slim down from the news. I thought this was such a great idea, I decided to delete all of the news apps on my phone that focused on negativity. As a result, I now have apps which go to websites focusing on good news, positive occurrences around the world and uplifting stories.

Going forward I will probably become oblivious to local, world and global events. But, how many more shootings, murders, protests, political tirades filled with bull and robberies can I handle hearing about day in and day out?

It’s a shame 90% of news reports aren’t centered around positive events. I imagine the world and the people in it would be totally different. I also know ‘drama’ sells and so does the hype the media tends to put into every story, even if it shadows the truth.

All I can do is quit being a participant. It may not make any difference in ratings, but it sure will in my life.

Blessings,  Annie


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