Gifting Inspiration

About a year ago, I began posting quotes, sayings, pondering thoughts and funny witticisms at my desk in the lobby. So not only employees get some inspiration but also guests do as well.
This afternoon, one of my friends came out to the lobby stating she was thinking of me. Then she reached into a bag and pulled out a book. She knows I love to read. However the book she gifted me with is not one full of words. It is one stocked with designs to feed my spirit. You see, my friend gifted me with the following


It is a coloring book!!!! I was so surprised and very happy!!! So much so when I arrived at home, I had dinner than ran to Staples. I bought some Sharpie pens, some colored pencils and a carton of 12o Crayola crayons. Then I purchased a box to store it all in.
My friend said when I get done coloring, maybe I can post a page or two at my desk. As we continued talking we thought up an idea to get together with a few people at lunch, reserve a conference room and color our hearts out. I suggested taking it off work premises and having a coloring book, wine party. Imagine how creative we would be then!!!
Anyway, knowing this month is one to celebrate happiness, (click here to see my post, it occurred to me how awesome it would be to spread the gift of inspiration and make someone’s day by giving them something you know they would love. It doesn’t matter the size. It could just be a card or letter expressing thanks. It might be a poem or some candy. Just something.
I know how awesome it was to receive my book. And there was no special reason, just because my friend was thinking of me.




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