New Year Resolution

This year, instead of the typical resolutions of dieting, losing weight, etc., that usually fall to the curb by the end of February, how bout delving into something you can use the rest of your life?

Over at Huffington Post, is a challenge. A 30 day jump start challenge. A challenge that will not only change your life but could also change someone else’s. A challenge to make happiness, yes you read it correctly, happiness a choice.

Everyday, for the rest of the month, a daily newsletter can be delivered to your inbox with tips, hacks, advice all centering around on how to cultivate and keep happiness alive.

Now, I am generally happy 99% of the time. So why did I sign up? Well, I love learning new ways to not only stay happy in my own life but also how to spread the joy to others. I believe just because Christmas comes once a year, the gifts and the spirit can be given daily. And in this world, all of us could use the spark of happiness.

To sign up, click here

Here’s an easy way to start 2016. Then, in February, when you need something else, you can worry about the diet and weight loss. By then, all the gyms will have space available anyway.

Blessings and Happiness,


2 thoughts on “New Year Resolution

  1. I’m going to check out the challenge. I’ve been making happiness and thankfulness priorities.


    1. I have been enjoying your blog with the recent pictures of your trip. Especially now as the weather here is finally showing signs of winter!! Happy New Year my friend!

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