What Price To Be Yourself?

The price of being yourself, fully, with no apologies means…

  • making choices others may not agree with or understand.
  • not having to explain your actions.
  • loving yourself, forgiving yourself, and accepting yourself despite your flaws, your imperfections, your humanness.
  • having the courage to ask for what you need, speak your truth, own your story, set boundaries, and reach out  for support. (Brene Brown)
  • realizing the person you see in the mirror is beautiful beyond words, inside and out.
  • being vulnerable.
  • not everyone will like you, will get you or will want a relationship with you.
  • learning not to compare yourself, your life and your decisions with anyone else’s.
  • teaching yourself to replace the negative thoughts in your head with an inner self coach who constantly cheers you on.
  • being so confident as not to need approval from others.
  • making choices you feel are right without feeling guilty.
  • allowing yourself to feel every emotion, positive and negative, instead of ignoring them.
  • taking time to spend time with yourself.
  • choosing who you will allow into your life and who you need to say adios to.
  • believing you can do anything.
  • daring to take a leap of faith, of change, of newness, of being you…wholeheartedly, 100% genuine and unique.

Being you means all of this and more.
The question is are you willing to pay the price?


P.S. This post was inspired by making a choice, I felt was right, today at work, then coming home to catch the tale end of Oprah’s Masterclass with Whoopi Goldberg talking about doing what’s right.


2 thoughts on “What Price To Be Yourself?

  1. Thank you for another beautiful post. Your words all ring true.

    I have had the root beer you mentioned on my blog. It was too sweet for me but I know it’s very popular with “normal” people. That leaves me out.

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