The Tide Has Turned

Lately, the situation at work has really been on my mind. Not just on my mind, but I have been obsessed with thinking about it. Last week, the department had a meeting. Most of the goings over were not related to my job. During the round table, when everyone discusses each of their tasks, I started thinking about what to say.

All week, I have listening to ‘Brave’ by Sara Barillas. I have also been working on a wholehearted living Prezi for this blog. As a result, I said what was on my mind.

When my turn came up, I said, “Short and sweet, this is what I have been tackling,” resulting in a 30 second update. At that moment, it occurred to me, it’s not that I am unimportant. My job just has other responsibilities, such as being the ‘face’ of the company and making sure anyone who enters gets a wonderful first impression of the company. So, in not giving myself enough credit, my job is EXTREMELY important.

I know this as several people have commented how welcoming they felt when they interviewed. They have also commented how awesome it is to have a live human being manning the desk and greeting those who enter with a smile. Matter of fact, my job is just as important as anyone else’s in my department.

Plus, I know I can’t change the other women’s attitudes or their snarky ways. I do know I have to relate with them on occasion. During those times, I will suit up my best behavior to play nice. Otherwise, I will keep doing what I have been, as well as cherishing those employees who matter the most and who have made a positive difference in my life.



One thought on “The Tide Has Turned

  1. My job involves being the face of a dental office. That is very important and we need to know that. Sounds like you do!!! That’s awesome. Some days I feel important and other days, not so much. That’s me always.

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