Gifts of Understanding

Yesterday, I wrote about Repacking the Baggage Containing Dislikes. For Christmas, I am putting together  one book for my mom and one book for my dad with a compilation of some of my blog posts. This morning I ran across one written on February 17, 2009 called Gifts of Understanding. A huge revelation and smack upside my head about how to treat others. Guess I needed the reminder. So, here it is if you need one too…

Gifts of Understanding
All for one and one for all.
Being there, being in the moment, being together.
Choosing to compromise.
Doing unto others as we wish it to be onto ourselves.
Enriching with encouragement and empathy.
Forgiving, forgetting and forging a union.
Guiding from the dark into the light, offering a Harbor of faith, security and peace.
Insight, introspection, intuitiveness in knowing how to respond.
Judgment aside, peacemaker reside.
Kaleidoscopic knowledge from shared experiences.
Listening wholly in tune, not out of sync.
Noticing and then nurturing needs that are revealed.
Opening our hearts to all that is possible.
Putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes.
Quietly making our presence known.
Recognizing everyone’s desire to be loved despite who they are and what circumstances they are in.
Speaking without words or
Tactfully conveying our experiences so as not to
Undermine those being shared.
Valuing the relationships in our lives.
Walking beside, not in front or behind.
Xclaiming our hope, love, certainty, and assurance that
Yearnings, wishes and desires will ultimately reach the
Zenith where worries, troubles, fears and doubts are understood and overcome.

(I will let you know as the weeks go on if any of these insights from yesterday and today help boost my attitude.)



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