Unexpected Day of Gratitude

Yesterday, I was so pissed off about the way I was treated I ended up with a HUGE headache. Now, one would think, I should talk to the women about how I feel towards their little comments. But, I have learned, sometimes it is best to keep my mouth shut so I don’t end up looking like the jerk or in this case bitch.

Anyway, this morning, when I awoke at 4 a.m. I still had the headache. Although it had subsided considerably, I debated whether to call in sick or not as I was extremely tired. I continued to lay in bed, tossing and turning, considering my options as I weaved back and forth between negativity and my side line coach. (sort of like Jiminy Cricket but a lot more positive) My coach won. I swaggered out of bed, showered, got dressed, loved my kitties and walked out the door.

However, my coach quickly faded away the closer to work I got. So, I popped in my ipod, scrolling to my playlist of inspiring music. Wee bit by wee bit, my coach began to resurface. On my way, I decided a stop at my favorite Mickey D’s for some tea, then over to Tim Horton’s for a sweet might just revamp my positive vibes. I got the tea, briefly chatting and laughing with the manager. As I made my way towards Timmy’s, I began to see something out of the ordinary. Stop lights were out and businesses lining both sides of the street were out. So my sweet craving would not be satisfied. Yet, at the corner, the street light was working. I figured it was just a fluke for the area.

I continued on my way. As I turned into the street towards work, I noticed hardly any cars were parked and the building was dark. Turning into the parking lot, I parked, noticing the maintenance guy sitting by one of the entrances. I got out of car replying, ‘No electricity?’ ‘Yep’, he yelled back. All at once, I burst out laughing!!!

As the morning progressed, people started leaving to grab some breakfast and come back, hoping the electricity would have been restored. I high tailed it back to Mickey D’s to grab a bite as well. I also called my boss to let her know the status. She was basically calm requesting I return, park in visitor parking and alert employees as to what was going on.

Returning to work, I parked, grabbed my book and periodically looked around to make see if anyone was arriving. In a bit, my phone rang. It was my boss, asking me, in a very accusing tune why I called one of the gals in the department giving her details about the situation. I told my boss I never called this woman and wasn’t sure who did. After my boss calmed down, she asked me to stick around as she was 10 minutes away. She also asked me not to leave until she checked with her boss to verify the procedure to follow, as in whether to send employees home or not. Because I am such a great employee, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I am a braggert!!! LOL!!! I stuck. When my boss arrived, I approached her with a vibrant, ‘Good Morning!’ Funny, how quickly my positivity returned when I heard there was chance returning to home may be an option.

Long story even longer, yes I know I am long winded as well but I need to get this off my chest as my headache has almost vacated. Another gal from the department drove up. My boss ran over to her. Which was fine because by that time, I had congregated with the manager from IT and the managers from HR. When  I looked around to see if anyone else was arriving, I noticed my boss and the gal from the department get into my bosses car and drive away. First thought? HOW RUDE!?!?!?! Okay not my first thought. My first thought was…one I will keep to myself.

I turned around, making an executive decision and said, ‘Well HR, I think I am going to head home as it looks like the power won’t be restored till this afternoon and security is making sure the building is locked up till then.’ Without an ounce of guilt, I got in my car, cranked it up and drove home, which is where I am now, back in my jammies. And just  for the record, several people, including those from HR were heading home as well.

I have no idea where my boss ended up at. Don’t know if she went to get breakfast or was going to drive around the building to see what was up with the rest of the entrances. I have no idea. I just know it is a treat to be able to be home. And since I do not have company laptop or phone, no one can reach me. (Well, my boss can as she has my personal cell number.) So far, I am enjoying peace, no drama and quiet. And, yes, my headache has totally gone astray. For that and more, I am truly grateful.



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