Trust In The Lord

For the last couple of weeks, I have been weighed down by a decision I knew I needed to figure out. One that would help my youngest son. One that would ‘up’ the promise I made. One that would require a total and I mean TOTAL trust in the Lord.

So, Saturday night, as I lay in bed talking to God, and right before I fell asleep, I asked God for a sign to help me decide. I have not asked for a sign from God in a long, long, long time. But I asked. And God granted.

Sunday night, around 7 or so, it started to rain. It was a soft, coming to end summer type rain with a cool breeze. It didn’t last long but the clouds stuck around. A short while later, I looked out my kitchen window. It was raining again. I walked toward my door wall in my living room and yelled, ‘OH MY GOSH!!! THERE IT IS!!!’

My cats watched as I ran in my room, grabbed my phone, stepped out on my deck and snapped some pictures, forgetting all I had on was a t-shirt and underpants. Ooppppsss!!! Good thing the neighbors were hibernating!!! But I was so thrilled because caressing the sky, arcing from one end of the horizon to the other was rainbow!!! And as I snapped picture after picture, it slowly began to fade. First sign…

Then, this morning, before I skedaddled to work, I cleaned out the litter box. As I grabbed a plastic grocery bag to store the ‘presents’ my cats had deposited, I found a penny lodged in the corner. Now, I am a firm believer in pennies from heaven. Not only that, I believe they are a sign from my grandmamma who died several years ago. Second sign…

It was only, when I was in my car, driving to work, that the light bulb went off, making me realize I received what I was looking for. And it was time to step up to the plate and swing because in that moment, I knew, without any doubt, God was going to help me bat a home run. And I had nothing to fear about the decision I needed to make. I only needed to trust with all my heart to know and feel His grace.



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