Rub Me Wrong, Finally Know Why

Do specific people ever rub you the wrong way and you don’t know why?

There is a particular person, where I work, who from day one, has not given me the warm fuzzies. I used to blame it on her sarcastic ‘wit.’ Of which I found non-humorous, and was most evident when our other boss was in residence. This boss was constantly sarcastic to the point of even making fun of the CEO. So, I figured, the rub-me-wrong person was just ‘following’ her lead. Since our new boss arrived, the sarcasm has quieted down but still flares once in a while.

Regardless, this person still rubs me wrong. Yesterday, after months of trying to figure out why I felt such so prickly around this person, I had a revelation. As a disclaimer, I will point out, despite my intuitive feelings throwing up warning signs, I still give people a chance. However, based on a the times I have had to deal with this rub-me-wrong person, I came to the conclusion I just don’t like her.

I don’t like her smary sarcasm. I don’t like the way she needs to herd with other people in the department. I don’t like her fakeness. I don’t like her inclusion of others. Nor do I think she is as smart or as productive or as trustworthy as she claims to be. And every time, I am near her, my gut screams warnings and alerts. Since she has been at the company, the warnings have not tampered off.

Maybe it’s because we started off on the wrong foot. I don’t mind sarcasm once in a while, but when someone displays it every minute of the day, it’s a huge turn off for me. Maybe it’s because when our old boss left, the she pushed her work to me, came in late, left early…yeah I know, it is not my problem, but it was irritating, especially when I would walk past her desk and she would be chatting it up with other colleagues, on her cell phone or shopping on the internet.

I know part of it is due to the age difference, she is 22 years younger than me. Not to say, I know all that and am all that, but as I have aged, I have gotten more responsible, more independent and more compassionate towards others, at least towards most people.

I do believe the revelation of not liking her is a hard one to accept as I can normally find at least one thing to like about somebody. And her? When I think I have discovered something, she erases it with the things I don’t like about her.

It’s time to accept there will be people, whom for whatever reason, whether known or not, I will not like. And despite my upbringing or my search for something good, it is perfectly okay not to like them.

Regardless, I know I still need to remember to treat them in a professional respectful manner. I just need to figure out how not to absorb the prickles when they rub me wrong.




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