Just Imagine…

Yesterday I had a conversation with a great guy who had just turned 50. He revealed to me his birthday was not so happy. Why? He told me he did not feel his life meant anything as he had never been married, never had children, never went to college and made decisions he regretted. He was playing the ‘What If?’ game. Due to this game, he had never moved from the ‘in jail’ space.

You see, this great guy was imprisoned by the past. He was so chained and shackled by loss, fear, failure, defeat, that he didn’t realize he had the key, within him, to unlock the past to make a new door for the present and the future.

Then, he shared how he had taken care of his father, bathing him, changing him, cooking meals. He also shared he is currently taking care of his mother. It was then I said, ‘Imagine what your father’s life and your mother’s life would be like, if you weren’t here.’

For just a moment, I saw his eyes light up, as he thought. When he left, he said, ‘I will really have to think about that. I will never look at George Bailey in the same way again.’

I am waiting for his return to see if the spark in his eyes has reached his heart. I hope so.
In the meantime, I lift his name in prayer.



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