I Dare You To…

  • write a letter to a loved one telling them how important they are in your life.
  • look at your self in the mirror. With a tube of lipstick, write positive things about yourself all around your face so every time you look in the mirror, you see not only yourself but the words describing the best part of you.
  • do one new thing every month, no matter how small.
  • not only stop and smell the roses, but really look at the sunrises, the sunsets and the stars at night.
  • take time for yourself, with no apologies.
  • ask a loved one this question, ‘If you were me, what would you change?’ Then change.
  • say ‘Hi’ to every person you see.
  • answer the question, ‘How are you?’ honestly, instead of with ‘fine’ or ‘good.’
  • once a month, ask someone, either a neighbor or acquaintance or co-worker out to lunch.
  • find something to laugh out loud about every day.
  • love, with no judgment, no expectation, no self imposed perceptions…just love.
  • be the first to say ‘I’m sorry’ after an argument or fight.
  • write a letter to yourself about how much you love yourself.
  • roll down your window and start a conversation with the person in the car next to you during a traffic jam.
  • be you and not care what others think.
  • live in the here and now with no regrets and
  • appreciate who you are, what you have and acknowledge how far you have come.

I dare you…


(Inspired by the song Dare You by Hardwell)


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