To The President

Dear President Obama,

On April 15, an order was proclaimed for all U.S. flags to fly at half staff to honor the 150th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death. He was huge in ending the slavery movement at that time. I get it. He also believed American was one nation made up of one people. I get it.

What I don’t get is when someone in the military dies, the same order and respect is not given to them. Only federal and government buildings are required to fly flags at half mast. All other establishments are ‘encouraged’ to fly flags at half mast. Do you know, the business where I work was pretty much the only one, for miles, that flew at half mast on March 30 to honor the three marines, from Michigan, killed in a helicopter crash in Florida? I was appalled!!!

Yea I get Lincoln was a president and all, but today, especially with ISIS and other terrorist groups, our cities, our nation, our people, our country need to show support for our troops and their families. Yea I get Lincoln had views, which for his time were well out of the box. But, those who choose military life sacrifice a lot as well, including ridicule, low wages, and trauma after returning from a war torn nation.

I believe it’s time to declare an order, ALL flags must fly at half mast when a military member dies. And if an establishment refuses they should be charged a fee.

Unfortunately, America is NOT one nation with one people. Not only is this true of those who make a point of not supporting the military, it is also true of those who own businesses and refuse to serve customers who are gay or those in law enforcement who use their ‘power’ to gun down any one they feel like or those radical Christians who judge, judge, judge.

I guess Lincoln’s radical views died when he did. A total shame as America and the world would be a much better place if only ALL of us accepted each other for whom we are and for what we believe.

It’s a mad sad world out there. Maybe instead of flying the flag at half mast for certain occasions, we need to fly it that way all the time as a reminder of how torn apart we the people have made this nation.

I know Mr President you rallied change during your campaign. I do see it. However, I don’t believe it is of the kind you spoke of.

America is still enslaved by discrimination, hatred, fear of differences, ignorance, and radical preconceptions. Change is needed NOW and it needs to start with each of us, one person, one hand, one life, one heart at a time. Only then will we live as one nation and one people. Only then will America be free.



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