Long Awaited Revelation

In my last post, I wrote about meeting up with my friends from my last job. I had not seen one of them in over a year, but heard she had retired. When I saw her, we both grasped each other, hugging tightly. It was as if we had never parted. As we caught up, she told me, the owners had given her a retirement party. She indicated she had included me, as well as a few others who had left, on the invitation list. She expressed sadness in knowing the owners had not followed her wishes by excluding all of us who were no longer part of the company. She then proceeded to tell me about the email she had received from the owner explaining the reason why the exclusion. The owner felt, this person, should not be socializing with any of us anymore as the owner considered us miscreants.

Then I began thinking back to the way the owner treated me and suddenly I realized why. There was a salesperson whom I assisted. It was discovered, this salesperson was doing a job for her church for free. The issue was, instead of informing the owners about this, she eliminated the company name on the invoice and substituted her name instead. As a result, she was promptly fired. It was soon after that incident, the owner began her rampage against me by becoming highly critical, admonishing me in front of other employees and making lists of the way she wanted me to do tasks. At the time, I found her actions extremely unusual as the prior six years, she had never once acted so ugly. Shortly after, her husband began acting the same way towards me.

I believe, from her comment to my friend, she thought I either knew about the salesperson’s transgression or I was part of it. Yet, she nor husband, never once confronted me. Ironically, about a year or so before the salesperson was fired, I went to the owner and complained this particular employee had asked me to ‘redo’ a job without telling the owners or redoing a new job ticket, which I was not comfortable doing. This employee also reprimanded me, stating because of the redo she would be losing part of her commission, which I later found out was not true. Interestingly, the owner’s husband joked about my complaint. From that moment on, I was cordial to the employee but did not trust her. I also knew, despite my feelings, I could never again approach the owner with any issue or complaint, as I knew, through both of their actions, it would not be taken seriously.

I also believe, the owners were planning to fire me as during the last month or so of my employment, they became so critical, I felt as if nothing I did was right. Luckily, I found the job I am currently in before they could find a reason to get rid of me.

Sadly, according to my friends, things have not changed but gotten worse. I encouraged my friends to look for other jobs and mentioned I could never recommend this company as I know integrity is not practiced.

As for my friend’s response to the owner’s email? She told me she emailed a not so nice one right back indicating her support of all us ‘miscreants.’

I find it quite sickening that an owner would act in such a manner. Yet, I am not surprised as she and her husband have always displayed genuine social awkwardness, are extremely self centered, need to have control over all, outwardly gossip and worship the almighty dollar.

However, I do know karma is a bitch, eventually biting back ending with a bite so bad it becomes infectious. The company may not fold, but it appears it is continuing to decline. And I know if any of the other miscreants feel as I do, when asked, they will not give a favorable word of mouth recommendation.

I just hope my friends, still employed there, find their brave to move on to places where they can be happy, appreciated and feel pride in whatever position they hold.



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