Hooked Again

One of my favorite movies is Hook with Robin Williams. My favorite part is when his imagination returns causing food to appear on the table. Not only do he and the lost boys indulge, they also have a food fight!!!

That is the part where I caught the movie this morning. As I watched, I realized what a perfect role Robin Williams had. He played Peter Pan/Banning perfectly. It as if Stephen Spielberg wrote the part just for Robin. I also wondered just how influential Robin was to the other adult actors. And, then I wondered what fun and fingerprint he left on the child actors. It saddened me to realize how great his pain must have been in order for him to make the decision to end it by taking his own life.

Ironically, the movie ends with the following conversation:

Granny Wendy: So….your adventures are over.
Peter Pan: Oh no…to live…to live would be an awfully big adventure.

If only playing a character in a movie could permanently heal a broken heart, spirit and life.

Here’s to you Robin. Despite your death, you are still living on.
And you are still making a difference…




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