Look Up

It’s the third day of the New Year. What have you done so far that’s extraordinarily AWESOME?

If you need a head start here is one for tonight…the Quadrantid Meteor Shower. The peak of this shower is predicted to happen at 10 p.m. with the full effect rounding down about 6 a.m., January 4. It is possible the moon’s bright glow may block out any meteors that are not really bright.

However, if you have never witnessed a meteor shower, it is worth a try. They are truly something to see. Here are some tips for viewing:

  1. Dress warm. It is supposed to be a chilly one tonight. You may even want to pack a warm blanket or two and a sleeping bag.
  2. If possible, find a spot in a rural area to gaze where there are no city lights to detract from the meteors.
  3. Sit outside for at least an 1/2 hour or so to get your eyes acclimated to the dark.
  4. No need for telescopes or binoculars as meteors can be viewed quite well with the naked eye.
  5. Look all around the sky as some meteors are quick flashes of light and can occur in seconds.
  6. Stay out as late as possible to see as many as you can.

Scientists predict there could upwards of 80 meteors per hour during the time the shower peaks. Just so you know what to look for, see the pictures below of possible ways a meteor could look. Have fun and hope you witness this spectacular event!


2   3   4


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