Gifts 7 & 8: Wonder and Awe

I gift you with the memories of how it used to feel to see the world through a child’s eyes. All the time it was with wonder and awe. Just imagine if we, as adults, allowed our inner child out once in a while. Just imagine what we would see then. How sparkly, not irritating the snow would be. How beautiful, not annoyingly early, Christmas decorations would be. How grand, not stressful, life would be. How glorious, not routine, a rainbow filling the sky. How fanciful, not dreary, a rainy day. How exciting, not scary, change in an ordinary day.  What a wonderfully different world. And what wonderfully loving hearts. Maybe it’s time to stop imagining and ‘see’ with the wonder and awe of our inner child. We may just change someone’s life…possibly our own.



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