Gift 6: Courage

At work, tomorrow, I am ‘performing’ in front of 300 people. Actually, I am presenting a power point presentation based on some volunteer work our department did this past month. Leading up to last night, I thought I wasn’t nervous. Maybe on the surface. However, last night, I tossed and turned as my ‘script’ ran rampart through my mind all night long!! So I admit, I am nervous.

Which is why I am gifting you with courage. For courage is doing the thing you think you can’t do. And when I was asked to present tomorrow I answered, “Bring it on!”

So, I am practicing tonight and reviewing tomorrow at work. Then I am going to knock them dead with my presentation. At least if I don’t faint or vomit first!! Just kidding!!!

Courage is believing you can. After all a few butterflies beforehand is good to get the adrenaline going. Besides, that is why butterflies have wings, to soar to heights of glory.

Yep, tomorrow I am in the spotlight. And, I plan on rockin it for all its worth. It doesn’t matter if no one applauds. It doesn’t matter if no one gets it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. What matters is I am putting on my brave, stepping up to the plate and warning fear to move aside cause courage is taking over BIG TIME!

To me courage is trusting the outcome will be fine, even when the task before us is daunting and overwhelming and seems impossible.
And once courage blooms, nothing can stand in its way.

Here’s to being courageous, no matter what.



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