Gift 4: Love

Love is saying ‘I’m sorry,’ first no matter what.
Love is being 100% complete with yourself and not needing someone else to fix you, but someone else to share life with.
Love is not always patient, not always kind, not always unconditional. That is why there is forgiveness.
Love is a growth process of learning the lesson of unconditional acceptance.
Love is seeing with the heart, not with the eyes.
Love is being with someone you can laugh and live out loud with.
Love is not demanding, does not come with terms, nor is it calculating.
Love is giving without expecting anything in return.
Love is riding the waves of imperfection, sailing through obstacles, swimming through challenges and holding on to the knowledge that in the end, it is well worth the fight of never giving up.
Love is being true to you and not changing because of someone else’s perceptions or expectations.
Love is loving your self wholeheartedly, with no apologies, no put downs, no regrets.
Love is being passionately crazy about living life, regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship.
Love is messy and needs to frequently be freshened up.
Love is a shelter in a raging  storm.
Love is holding out a hand filled with understanding not with disapproval.
Love is being 100% at ease and comfortable with who you are, and not worrying about what others think you should be.
Love is not abusive, not possessive, not rude, and not something to be taken for granted.
Love is one who decides, before dying, to make a difference by giving away all their ‘toys’ to those who need them the most.
Love is putting others first and ourselves last.
Love is having the courage to reveal the trueness of ourselves and facing down the doubts and the fears of not being accepted.
Love is a newborn babe, on a starry filled night, born in a manager.
Love is waiting at the door of your heart. All you have to do is unlock it and let Love in.


Here is to love…it never dies, it is always there to receive and it never leaves us alone.






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