Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

Doing a little reminiscing…thinking back, quite a few years, to when I was a child. (Still am at heart and in spirit for sure!) Around this time, the JC Penney and Sears Christmas catalogs would arrive in the mail. Remember those? Maybe these will spark a memory or two…

1         2

My sister and I would grab paper and pencil, lay out on the floor and page straight to the toy section. My mom told us we could put anything on our list we wanted, but there was no guarantee Santa would bring it. She also told us to number our items with the item we most desired at the top. It was so much fun wishing! And, it didn’t even bother us knowing everything we asked for, we were not getting.

My fondest Christmas memory was one when I was past the age of ‘believing’ in Santa. The only thing on my list was a stereo. I just wanted something in my room where I could play my records as loud as I wanted and get lost in the music, instead of using the family stereo which was in the living room. Yet, realistically, I knew deep down, even if that was the only thing I had on my list, chances of getting it were near to nil. Despite this, I continued to hope.

Christmas morning, we all woke up, speeding to the family room to see what gifts were under the tree. I found one gift, wrapped nicely, not stereo sized at all. Disappointment settled in, but only for a moment, as I got wrapped up in my siblings excitement as they each unwrapped the pile of gifts they received.

I can’t remember what was hidden under the wrapping paper of that solo gift. I do remember, after all the gifts were opened, the paper thrown out and the room straightened, going to my room. A few minutes later, my dad called me, using both my first and middle names, which in times past meant I was in trouble. I slowly trudged from my room to the living room where both my parents stood. They looked at me and said, ‘We forgot one.’ As they turned to show me what they meant, I saw a shape, covered with a sheet. My parents grabbed the corners and pulled. And underneath sat a stereo system!!! I could not believe my eyes! I was so happy I immediately burst out crying!!!!

From then on, I played my records, in my room. Occasionally, I would get a bit over zealous and would hear, ‘TURN THAT DOWN!!’ Eventually, as all good things do, it stopped working. Then CD’s came to life and my record collection became part of my past.

When I sold my house, I had an estate sale and decided to sell my collection of music. However, when my youngest son found out I owned ‘The Thriller’ album, he grabbed it with a few other albums before the rest went on to be sold.

I don’t think JCPenney or Sears distributes a printed Christmas catalog anymore. The most popular one I can think of is from Neiman Marcus. And their ‘toys’ are a tad extravagant for a gal with as simple a life as mine and mindful of how she spends her money.

Ahhh!!! Memories, Christmas memories, they’re the sweetest ones I know. What’s on your memory list? Let me know.



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