Lost, Now Found

I feel you CHRISTmas
I know I’ve found you

Ohio: An anonymous donor paid off $15,000 worth of layaway items. Customers are being notified by email, text and when they come in to pick up their merchandise.

You never fade away.

Canada: In a small town, a family of four lost their home and all their belongings due to a fire. In less than 24 hours, neighbors raised $4,000 to help out.

The joy of CHRISTmas

Missouri: Gary and Roxanne Tackett surprised Cindi Grady, a waitress at a local Cracker Barrel, with a 2008 Ford Fusion to replace her dilapidated car.

Stays here inside us
Fills each and every heart with love.

Michigan: Lowell Police Department during actual traffic stop infractions, conversed with the drivers, asking them if their Christmas shopping was done and if not, what was on it? Through radio communication, the ‘gifts’ were transmitted to a person in a nearby store. That person shopped, wrapped, then rushed the gift outside to the police man who, in turn, presented the gifts to each driver, making their Christmas wishes come true.

CHRISTmas is here.



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