The Warmth of Peace

Content: a state of satisfaction; in a state of peaceful happiness; fulfilled; gratified

Two years ago, even one year ago, I was not at peace, nor satisfied, nor fulfilled, nor content.
Today, I am all of them and more.
I can say, through experience, when a person is totally contented and at peace, envy flies out the door, life is full of joy and gratitude is the norm.
Which is not to say storms have dissipated. No, life is still letting me know there are mountains still left to climb. However, I find myself never losing the light, never losing faith and no longer searching for something to fill up a void.
For what I have is enough. Whom I have in my life is enough.
And, most importantly, who I am is enough.
No gift could be greater.

Wishing not only Peace on Earth but Peace for you,
This Christmas,
In 2015
And always…





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