Just Say’in…

A thought for this, the day where the most money is spent, the most people stand in line waiting for stores to open, the most material goods are sold….

The one with the most toys will still have regrets,
debt, a temporary band aid to cover suffering
a need for something better and will still die alone.
The one who believes in Jesus will have passion,
hope, unconditional love, a heart with no holes,
satisfaction, peace, contentment
and even in death, will never be alone.

I know which one I prefer. How bout you?

Blessings on this day and all days ahead…


One thought on “Just Say’in…

  1. I’m with you, Annie. I haven’t been in a store since two days before Thanksgiving and I’m in no rush to shopping in the near future.

    Blessings back to you, my friend.


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