How to Self-Publish

In April, I wrote a post entitled Who is the Author of Your Life? I initially began this post the day after but no words seemed to click till today. So, here are some tips to help you ‘self-publish’:

  1. Don’t step, TAKE A GIANT LEAP, out of the comfort zone.
  2. Small people put down, big people build up. So fill your life with those who will support you, cheer you on and offer guidance so you can make your dreams reality.
  3. Even Dumbo believed he couldn’t fly. Yet all he had  to do was spread his ‘wings’ and believe.
  4. Change is fearful, uncomfortable and stressful. However, can you imagine how boring it would be if there were no seasons? Nature teaches to go with the flow. For with change also comes beauty, miracles, great lessons and strength.
  5. Learn to be GREAT in your thoughts, in interactions with others, and your life.
  6. Don’t let someone’s negativity muddy up your mood.
  7. Learn to forgive EVERYTHING you regret.
  8. Laugh out loud at least 10x, minimum, a day.
  9. Trust yourself.
  10. Let go and let God.
  11. Take time for total quiet.
  12. Turn off all technology for 1 day a month and read a book, go for a day trip, try your hand at cooking up a new recipe, play outside with the kids, go to the park and swing, enjoy the bountiful rich colors of autumn or… (you fill in the rest)
  13. Try something new once a month.
  14. Write a letter to someone you love or someone who has made a difference in your life, telling them what they mean to you.
  15. Write a love letter to yourself. Then keep it so you can reread it everyday just so you know how fabulous you really are.
  16. Appreciate the small stuff.
  17. If you are stumped by life and have no words to pray, remember these…Thank You, WOW and Help. God doesn’t need any more explanation. (inspired by Anne Lamott’s book of the same title)
  18. Be awed by the big and small of life’s riches.
  19. Play…a sport, a game, a round of tag…anything to keep those creative juices flowing.
  20. Practice saying positive things about yourself over and over so when doubts come in and failings arrive, you can jump over them and reach the side of success.
  21. Believe you are making a difference.
  22. Be grateful, every day, for something or someone.
  23. Don’t be mad, be glad!
  24. Instead of worrying what others think about you, live your life the way you want. And if someone snidely remarks, ‘I was just talking about you.’ Politely answer, ‘I am sure you have WAY better things to talk about than me.’ Then, proudly walk away.
  25. If a door opens, RRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNN through it without hesitating!
  26. Remember, inaction is a choice but action is much more beneficial.
  27. Accept yourself as you are. You are beautiful. You are awesome. How could you not be after God made you in His image?
  28. Invest in people’s hearts. That is where the real money lies.
  29. Believe in yourself.
  30. Love, love, love, love, yourself with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your being and with all your spirit.
  31. Be brave in showing the true you to others.
  32. Cling to hope. Savor faith. Believe always.
  33. Remind yourself it’s okay not to be perfect. Besides, imperfections make you uniquely you.
  34. When fear comes stomping in, put on that invisible cape and be your own hero.
    and finally
  35. When you are craving love, seeking fulfillment, wishing for validation, or wanting security, don’t look anywhere else but inside yourself. You have everything you need packaged right in your heart, your soul, and your spirit.





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