Abrupt Middle of the Night Wake Up

Fall is sure sprouting. Trees are changing into beautiful hues of oranges, reds and yellows. Every where one looks, there is a splash of magnificent, rich colors painted by autumn’s brush.

The nights have been exceptionally nice, mostly 50’s but dipping sometimes into the 40’s. For a menopausal woman, like myself, it has been awesome to keep my door wall open and feel the cool breezes night time has to offer.

Since I live on the 2nd floor, when my neighbors are outside, if my door wall is open, I can hear bits and pieces of their conversations, their dog barking to go out, doors slamming, etc. Last night, I heard someone coughing. It was a deep cough so I assumed it was a male. Since I was moving in and out of sleep, I thought maybe I was dreaming. But then, I heard it again. I looked at my clock. It was 4:30 a.m. So I got up to another rousing cough, and went to the bathroom. It was then I smelled cigarette smoke. Since I don’t smoke I knew it wasn’t me. However, I did have my door wall open which led me to believe, my hacking neighbor probably couldn’t sleep and decided to enjoy the peacefulness of night with a bit of nicotine. As I came out of the bathroom, I heard another cough, confirming my assumption, yep it was my neighbor. I quietly tiptoed to my door wall to take a peek outside. It was then I saw an animal.

I figured my neighbor was not only enjoying the solitude but was watching his dog laying in the grass. But then I noticed the animal seemed a bit too big to be a dog. As the animal turned it’s head, I saw a shape of what I thought was a rabbit. But, as it turned out and as my brain exclaimed, ‘That’s no rabbit. It’s WAY too big!!!’ What was this mysterious animal laying up the hill? It was a deer. And behind a tree, came another one, moseying along.

I rapidly blinked my eyes in disbelief as I could not believe two deer were within 20 feet of my  apartment!! You see the place I live backs up to a well traveled road. North of the complex, are businesses, south is a golf course. Now, where in the world did two deer come from? I have no explanation. But if it wasn’t for my neighbor’s coughing, I would have never witnessed these beautiful creatures.

So, thank you to my neighbor. I enjoyed sharing a quiet moment, unnoticed, appreciating the deer and the stars. But, maybe it’s time to think about quitting smoking before your cough develops into something worse and instead of enjoying life, you will be fertilizing the earth.



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