Choice of Unpopularity

This is what it takes to be popular…
-conformity not individuality.
-entitlement not blessings.
-being a follower not a ground breaker.
-doing what the group wants not what is right.
-being ‘chosen’ because of something you have, the way you look or the way you dress not for thinking out of the box or being creative or being silly or being yourself with no apologies.
-‘cool’ not unique.
-ridiculing others with no disregard for feelings not accepting differences.
-regarded as being ‘perfect’ not embracing imperfections that make each person an individual.
-wearing the latest fashions, name brands, designers not sharing clothes with family members or buying clothes at discount stores or making clothes.
-worshiping money’s power not the power within.
-being fake so as to be ‘liked’ not cherishing the riches of being one’s self.
-being snubbed and ignored not invited to join.
-living life as a carbon copy not an original.
-putting down not building up.

These are the reasons why I have never been popular.
And to this day, I choose to live my life beating the drum in a rhythm
Of invitation where all can come and dance as they are.





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