Talking the Talk vs Walking the Talk

This has bugged me for a while. About 2 months while. Amazingly the feelings I have experienced have been verified by various comments. Comments of the sort that are very telling of the person who has lived as a bug in my brain. And resurfaced, from time to time. I can’t give specifics of how I know this person. All I can say is…
This person was not who they portrayed themselves to be. This person talked the talk, but did not walk it. And what angers me the most is those left behind are still ‘mourning’. However, this person did not die. This person moved on. Needless to say when this person left I was overjoyed.
It has been within the last few weeks, I have had another person bounce, and yes, I mean bounce into my life. This person is lively, personable, does not have a snarky sarcastic attitude, believes in sharing events occurring in the future as well as currently to keep me in the loop, includes me in meetings and lunches and other stuff. This person also listens to my concerns and supports me by offering ways to deal with issues that arise.
When the other person vacated, I hoped for someone who wouldn’t be ruled by a title, but was a human first. I hoped for someone that would give me a chance to build up my knowledge. I hoped for someone who would change the dynamics of sarcasm raping through those left behind. I hoped for…
Let me say, it was verified today, I no longer need to hope. I am in the midst of watching them unfold. And, I am so happy to have this new person in my life.


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