Traffic Jam…Down Pour…Screaming Mimi…God, I Adore

My day began pretty typically…up…showered…out the door…on the road…bopping to my favorite tunes. Work was just busy enough. A bit before quitt’in time, a woman, in my department, ran out and got cupcakes…a lemon one for me. SO YUMMMY!!! Was all pumped for going to my folks house to hang out…laugh…have some chow. It wasn’t till I decided to take a different route that all hell broke loose. And yes, I mean hell. Not the fire and brimstone kind, but the frustration kind.

When I got on the road I decided to take, traffic was at a stand still. And it continued to stand still, with slight moments of movement, periodically, for about 20 minutes. Let me back up. Normally I avoid the majority of  rush hour traffic in the am and pm due to my work hours. I also never take the expressways as traffic is always a parking lot going and coming. As a result, when I do encounter heavy volumes of traffic, I get a bit, oh scratch that! I get ALOT STRESSED OUT!!!! However, for whatever reason, tonight traffic was WAY BEHIND being just rush hour. It continued to get worse with every turn I took.

There were accidents. There was construction. There was a bout of down pouring rain, which started accumulating in the right hand lane. Due to this fact, I stayed in the left hand lane. Despite this, trucks, vans and SUVs in the right lane, were Skidooing right through the puddles rapidly accumulating with water. Due to the fact I drive a Focus, I had to slow way down so as to avoid the wonderful wave of water being thrown in my lane. Can you hear the irritation? At one point, I had a short span where I could go faster than 35. So I revved my car and screamed AS LOUD AS I COULD!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am crazy. But I read this tip in one of the many inspirational books I have devoured. And I do proclaim, I TOTALLY understand why 2 year olds have temper tantrums. It felt good to release all the frustration I was trying to subdue.

Anyway, my mom, God Bless her, ended up calling me, at which time I had been on the road for 2 hours, not anywhere close to where they live, telling me it would be okay if I just went home and came to their home a different time. As I was talking to her, the rain finally slowed to a trickle and over my left shoulder, the sun was shining. I came to a stop light. As I looked to my right, I saw a rainbow. Okay, God is doing His thing, reminding me to stop my nonsense and appreciate the moment. As I turned to glance at the car in front of me, I noticed another of His whispers. Around the license plate frame was the following-No Worries. God’s Got This.

So moral of story? First, if you ever get waylaid by traffic, of insurmountable volumes, make sure your windows are shut, open your mouth as wide as you can and scream as loud as you can. It does help. And never mind, about anyone around you. I am sure they feel the same way. Matter of fact, if you open your windows, you may just find others joining in. I may try that move next time. Although maybe not, as someone may call for help, and not the 911 kind.

Second, no matter how stormy, how frustrating, how difficult the path is to getting to loved ones or home, God is never far behind. And if you take a moment to look around you, you may see signs of Him, whispering His Love and Peace. Which is much more calming, regardless of the frustration level, than being a Screaming Mimi.



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