Month of Awareness, Celebrations, and Holidays

As today begins another month…

(“HOLY SMOKES!!!”, I ponder, “Where the heck did summer go?” Seems as my age soars, the faster my life whizzes by, leading into a post for another time.)

Back to the start…another month, newly begun…and for most of us that means a Monday off in celebration of Labor Day. However I did some research and discovered some other happenings occurring this month. Hope you enjoy learning something new and getting a laugh or two! All of the numbers below correspond with each day in September. I acquired most of these on the following website-
as well as some other websites that provided a wee bit more info.

  1. Not only Labor Day but also Emma M Nutt Day…the first woman telephone operator. Today, however, due to technological advances, for better or worse, ‘human’ operators as well as receptionists are being replaced by automation or being outsourced to other countries. Hint: To bypass the annoying robots, press *0 to get a ‘live’ person or say ‘customer service’ or ‘representative.’
  2. National Beheading Day…reminds me of Anne Boleyn or more recently, Walking Dead. According to the holidays website, there is no known origin of how this became about. And, thankfully it is not a recognized holiday.
  3. National Skyscraper Day…not sure of the origin. However, in honor of this day, the Hyatt Regency Chicago is having a special. From now through September 5, guests can book a standard room and get an upgraded room with a city view of the Chicago River, the Wrigley Building, the Tribune Tower or Lake Michigan, for $99 per night. Go the following link and use the promo code SKYHI to book. By the way, the tallest skyscraper is Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It stands 2,722 feet.
  4. Newspaper Carrier Day…in honor of Barney Flaherty, the first newspaper carrier hired in 1833. My oldest son was a newspaper carrier for our local paper. Every Saturday night the papers would be delivered to our door step. Due to the size of our neighborhood, it took two of us to roll each paper and then stuff the bags. Early Sunday morning, I would drive the car, so he could stuff them in the appropriate paper box. If the house did not have a box, I would stop so he could get out and run the paper up to the door. Alas, once again, technology is taking over and newspapers are becoming a thing of the past.
  5. Be Late for Something Day…and this year it falls on a Friday! So, hit that snooze alarm and sleep in. Don’t freak out when you are caught in rush hour traffic. Instead, put on some upbeat music and dance in your seat. Don’t fret if you get stuck behind a school bus…yes school starts tomorrow, take a deep meditative breath, and thank your lucky stars you are an adult which means no more pencils, no more books, no more homework or teacher’s dirty looks. Okay, I know you have a job which means possibly more stress, a boss you may not like and work up the wazoo, but this is your opportunity to have fun! Hey, if you are late for anything you can use this ‘holiday’ as an excuse! And, it’s even better than ‘the dog ate my homework.’
  6. Read A Book Day…all I will say is get to your local library, find a book or magazine or something with printed pages, sit yourself down and read. You may actually enjoy it and you may learn something.
  7. Grandparent’s Day…since 1978, this has been recognized as a secular holiday celebrated in the U.S. Its founder was Marian McQuade. It is also celebrated in other countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Singapore and Taiwan. To commemorate this day, the forget-me-not has been named as the official flower of this day. (info obtained from
  8. International Literacy Day…this day was founded by the United Nations as a reminder of the importance of literacy. It was first celebrated in 1966. This year, the World Literacy Foundation is raising funds to support the Latin American project, ‘Learn to Read.’ Some ways to help promote literacy are donating books to your local library, volunteering to read to kids at your local preschools or elementary schools, cooking up something yummy with your grandkids using a recipe, or volunteering to help a non-English speaking person not only understand but speak English.
  9. Teddy Bear Day…no explanation here. However, there are different activities you can do to satisfy your child within. You can go to the Build A Bear store and build your own bear. If you are embarrassed, to go by yourself in your adultness, grab your grandchild or niece or nephew. For a loved one, of adult stature, you can send a bear from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Or you can have a memory bear, specially handmade, from old clothes you cherish. Just search for ‘Teddy Bear old clothes’ to find someone who can make this special bear.
  10. World Suicide Prevention Day…’Connectedness’ being the theme for this year. Unfortunately, the statistics are tragic stating every 40 seconds, someone dies by taking their own life. On this day ‘Cycle Around the Globe’ will be taking place to build awareness of the importance of suicide prevention. If you would like to participate in this free event, click on the link for further details-
  11. 911 Remembrance…no explanation on this one either. Check listings in your area for events taking place this day. A reminder…”Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our tallest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. We will not tire. We will not falter. We will not fail.” George W Bush
  12. Chocolate Milk Shake Day…yum!!! A day to throw that diet out the window and splurge! Here are some places to get one, SONIC Drive In, Arby’s, Fuddruckers, Dairy Queen, any diner or whip one up yourself! Just enjoy!
  13. Positive Thinking Day…the challenge? Go for 24 hours with no stink’in, think’in thoughts!! Smile at someone. Start a conversation, in an elevator or any place, with someone you don’t know. Say something nice about someone you don’t like, out loud to their face. Don’t dwell on the past nor skip through to the future, cherish the moment. And, begin an attitude of gratitude. Who knows? You may decide to extend this day for the rest of your life!
  14. National Pet Memorial Day…for those of us who have loved, cherished then made the decision to end the suffering of our dear pets, take a moment to remember them and how they made you feel.
  15. Begins National Drive Electric Week ending on September 21. This week is a celebration of all the hybrid, plug-in, and electric powered vehicles available in the market today. To find events in your area, click on
  16. National PlayDoh Day…another day to let your kid out!!! Either buy a batch at Toys R Us or click on the following to make an edible version for fall
  17. Citizenship/Constitution Day…in 2004, Congress made this day a federal holiday. It celebrates both the adoption of the Constitution of the United States as well those who have become U.S. citizens.
  18. National Cheeseburger Day…another day to fling that diet out the window!!! Here are some great burger joints in this great state of lakes…Miller’s Bar, Dearborn; Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger, Ann Arbor; Chuckwagon, Mackinac Island; Laura’s Little Burger Joint, Decatur; Basement Burger Bar, Farmington and Brown Bear, Shelby.
  19. POW/MIA Recognition Day…this day is in tribute of prisoners of war, those missing in action and their families as well as the government’s commitment to account for them. For a free poster commemorating this event  click on
  20. Oktoberfest…filled with fun, beer, brats, fun, beer, dancing, beer, food, beer…etc!! In Germany, this event takes place over 16 days where more than 6 million people join in on the festivities celebrating German heritage and beer. My favorite beers? Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and Bell’s Oberon Dark Ale with a Bavarian crème Paczki.
  21. International Peace Day…a day dedicated to peace with no wars or violence. Would be nice, if on this day, a tradition was started on all media sites, social and otherwise, reporting on positive happenings around the world instead of concentrating on murders, gun shoot outs, war etc. It has been said, one person can make a difference. I believe one positive or inspiring thing a day can make a difference as well.
  22. Pachyderm Appreciation Day…kind of odd, but every once in a while odd is good. The founder is Wayne Hepburn, a lover of pachyderms…aka-elephants.
  23. Eat Dinner with Your Family Day…I find this sad that with the hustle and bustle of life, families need this reminder to sit down, turn off all electronic devices including the boob tube and have dinner together. As a child, we had dinner every night as a family. Maybe this day will prompt more and more families to make this part of their everyday lives. This day is also the first day of Fall.
  24. Rosh Hashanah…this day begins the Jewish New Year which ends on Friday, September 26. It is a day for examining one’s live and repenting for any wrongs committed during the previous year. Amends are encouraged towards those who have been wronged as well as plans for improving in the year to come.
  25. Shel Silverstein’s Birthday…he was born on this day in 1930 and died May 10, 1999. He was a children’s author who wrote whimsical, funny poetry. Although, as an adult, I have enjoyed his works even more. His books include The Giving Tree, Where the Sidewalk Ends, The Missing Piece, A Light in the Attic and A Giraffe and A Half.
  26. Johnny Appleseed Day…original name of John Chapman, who introduced apple trees to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Pennsylvania. A great day to visit a cider mill to pick some apples, grab a gallon of cider and indulge in some hot donuts.
  27. Crush a Can Day…another odd one…but hey, crush a can and recycle!
  28. My Mama’s Birthday…a personal celebration for sure but one to cherish as she will be 87 years young!! Although she may debate me about the young part. LOL!
  29. To continue the birthday theme…here are some famous peeps born upon this day…Gene Autry, Madeline Kahn, Natalie Wood, Kevin Durant, Jerry Lee Lewis, Calvin Johnson, and Andrew Dice Clay.
  30. National Hot Mulled Cider Day…this according to What a perfect way to end the month.

Hope this gives you some ways to enjoy September as well as another season.



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