Sandwiched In Between

I am of the ‘sandwich generation.’ On one side of the cookie, lives my folks, who I regularly help. On the other side of the cookie lives my youngest son, who calls my apartment ‘home’ when college is on hiatus and my oldest son, who even though no longer lives with me, calls with life things he wishes to talk about. In the middle, of the ooey gooey crème filling, lives me. Sometimes I am so busy with juggling family stuff, the crème oozes all over, causing the two cookies to jam against each other.  Sometimes I am busy with only one so the crème stays solid between the two. Other times, well, other times I have learned to slowly separate each cookie, put them on the shelf and glob my way to a place where I can batter up the crème till next round. This weekend is one of those times.

The most important thing I have learned being sandwiched,  is to take time for me. Time to do things I want. Time to go places I want. Time to watch shows I want. Time to read. Time to divulge in peace, quiet and solitude. Time to take a mental break. Most importantly, time to do whatever, with no guilt or explanations. This weekend is one of those times.

Due to Labor Day, I have a three  day weekend. Last weekend, I came up with the idea to have a ‘Annie Weekend.’ And since, my vacation days have been used up, I figured I would soak up each day this weekend, on my own, by myself, doing what I want. The weatherperson is predicting thunderstorms all weekend. But, guess what? I don’t care. For no matter what the weather, I have decided to ‘play it by ear.’ I have movies I have DVRed and popcorn for a movie fest. I am venturing to the library tomorrow to hoard more books for reading. I have collected some ‘ads’ from magazines focusing on things to do in Michigan in case I have the inclination to take a day trip. I may even stay in my jammies all weekend. I do know one thing I plan on doing. I plan on treating myself to dinner, whether it is carside, take out or dining in. I would love to disconnect my landline. However, the only thing that will stir me from my weekend is if an emergency arises. Yes, I am whispering that so as not to jinx anything 🙂

I am of the ‘sandwich generation.’ On one side of the cookie are my folks. On the other side of the cookie are my sons. And in between I anchor everyone. Yet, this weekend, I am pulling the anchor up, and setting sail on my own. For sometimes the crème needs a fresh whip to stay so puffy.




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