What’s So Good About It?

My work day begins roughly around 7:30 a.m. Every person who comes through the door, and saunters past my desk gets a ‘Good Morning.’  This post is dedicated to those who answer thusly ‘What’s so good about it?’ And here is what I usually reply…

You are alive and you are breathing.

Well big deal! So WHAT?

That means you have an opportunity to learn something, change your life, smile, be a mentor to someone, love, laugh, cry, hug, enjoy each God given moment regardless of sunny or rainy weather, sing, dance, skip, run, walk, hold hands, be still, pray, appreciate the masterpiece of nature, read, write, shine, be kind just because, do the right thing, paint, cook, shop, garden, exercise, and be the unique person in the wonderful life you have, up top…

For if you were not alive nor breathing, you would not have the chance to make a difference, no matter how small.

Just a thought…

Blessings and Bliss,


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