Do Non-Sinners Exist or Are They Sinners Just Disillusioned?

Here’s a thought…one inspired by someone, who nonchalantly, told me about the plans he had this weekend with his partner, and not of the female gender. This post is dedicated to you, your partner and the thousands of same gender couples struggling to live happily despite the jaded view of some in this world.

If love is flourishing between two people, why are so many people starting a war over it?
Jesus’ greatest commandment was ‘Love one another.’
Jesus’ also said, ‘Those of you who have never sinned may cast the first stone.’
I am a disciple of Christ, human, and a sinner.
Yet, there are many who look human, stirring up hatred and proclaiming homosexuals are living in sin. They call themselves Christians.
But if they are human and Christians and spewing forth rocks, I suppose that means there a ton of people who have never done wrong, committed a crime, had an adulterous affair, coveted their neighbor’s wife, home and belongings, used God’s name in vain, cursed another’s life, or dishonored their parents. Could this be true? Maybe…anything is possible.
However, knowing the nature of the human species, I highly doubt it.
Just some thoughts…



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