Single Ladies Challenge-Day 8 and Out of Order

EightFor now, I am skipping Day 6 as it is one that will take some brain power. Anyway, what rule is there stating one has to follow order? If there is one, I am happy to break it 🙂

So onto…Day 8’s challenge…

1. Total, unconditional acceptance

2. Honesty…even if I ask the question, ‘Does my butt look fat in these jeans?’

3. Sense of humor…there is no question about it…the man is going to have to laugh.

4. Easy going, mellow personality

5. A love of life, family and adventure

and just for kicks…here are a five more…cause you know being of the female species I can’t just stop at five!

6. Willingly adapts to change

7. Spiritual

8. Someone who makes others feel comfortable in his presence

9. Able to have a great conversation

10. Handsome…yea I know this one is petty, but it’s my list LOL!!!

If you have a minute, share what qualities are important to you in a mate. Also, if you are in a relationship, please share what you do to keep the love from burning to an ember.




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