Take 2 From Wherever I Am

One of my favorite spots to visit on the weekend is my local library. While there I have a great time roaming through the aisles, searching for the right book, scanning themes in all genres. One area I often browse and borrow from is the psychology, self help, inspirational aisle.

For a while I have spotted ‘Take 2’ by Leeza Gibbons. I even took it off the shelf to read the summary in the front flap of the cover. But, I could not bring myself to take it home. I figured a book by Leeza Gibbons?!?!?! The one who hosted Entertainment Tonight, a show I consider full of gossip not news; the one who starred in her own infomercial showcasing makeup. Oh ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! Well, that is why one, including me myself and I should NEVER judge a person or a book by its cover.

Last week, for whatever reason, I decided to give it a try. How wrong I was and how surprisingly different her book is. I started it yesterday and am half way through it. It is packed with all sorts of positive ways to live, tips to move through challenging times, ways to get up and face the mountains that lurk and have the courage to totally be who we are without excuses, apologies or regrets. To reinforce these lessons, Leeza encourages her readers to write a mission statement about their ‘soulprint’, what they seek in life, who they are, etc…something I never thought of…so here is my


To continue refining my passion for living in the moment. To listen more to others when they talk to me, instead of half-listening to them and half-listening to the thoughts swirling in my mind. To always make people smile or laugh or share something they need to get off their chest. To be a daughter who accepts my parents, not as they were, but as they are and to cherish each moment, each hour, each day planting memories in my heart so when Jesus calls them home, I will still have a garden full of them and their love. To be the crazy, lackadaisical, goofy gal I am. To continue to discover the truth of myself, no matter how much it hurts, no matter how much I have to change…it is well worth the transformation. To spreading light, joy and optimism wherever I go. To cherishing every day I get up, breathe in and have another opportunity to walk down the lane of life. To grow spiritually in my faith and my connection with God and Jesus. To appreciate all I see, no matter how dim. To pray with a heart filled with gratitude. To say ‘No’ without making up an excuse, without feeling guilty, without regret. To accept I am here to serve others unselfishly, loving and with unbridled acceptance. To learn to stifle my judgmental side and continue the quest to accept others as they are, where they are and who they are. To strive to be a good mom by loving unconditionally, keeping my opinions to myself unless asked and watching as my sons fly into the lives they were meant to live. To wholeheartedly forgive instead of dwell on resentment, to forge through the hurt instead of hoping for the other to hurt, to learn from instead of forgetting and to be compassionate instead of hateful. Finally…being committed to leaping off the cliff, diving into new situations, facing fear head on and believing in myself.

I’m on a mission…and thanks to Leeza Gibbons and her book, I am creating a life of hope, happy endings, and new beginnings by choosing to Take 2. What about you? Are you ready to redecorate your soul, teach your spirit to soar and live fully as you? Don’t you know, it’s time to grab life by the horns, get on board and beat a path through the one less traveled. I’m doing it. So can you. And, right now, this moment is as good a time as any to begin a Take 2 attitude and rewrite your story so when it ends, you will be able to look back with satisfaction and a big old smile, knowing you lived the life you wanted.

I know you can do anything…just believe…





2 thoughts on “Take 2 From Wherever I Am

  1. Annie! I love your “Soul Printed Mission Statement”! I couldn’t stop smiling while reading your blog. Thank you for your candid comments about me, my book and your insights about your process to plant memories, seek truths and connect with Spirit. Dare I say we are twin souls?? Thanks for reading Take 2.

    1. Thank you Leeza!! Your book was not only encouraging but reinforced feeling okay about decisions others may not ‘like.’ Since my divorce, I am rehabbing the essence of the inner me. I hope you write another book about those of us in our fabulous 50’s and beyond. I am planning to read the book you wrote about your mom. That is something else we share…being givers of care. Thank you for visiting. I do appreciate it. Most importantly, thank you for inspiring.

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