Single Lady Challenge-Day 5

FiveI believe the biggest misconception other people have about single life is…a person who choices to be single is not happy. Usually when I tell people I am divorced, I encounter a sympathetic face with a response to go with it, ‘I am sorry.’ I respond, ‘Don’t be.’ Now, I am not advocating divorce, especially with all the lessons I have learned. The biggest lesson I have learned about being in a relationship is this…when you love someone with your heart, your soul, with all of yourself, nothing else should matter. Not the arguments about petty stuff. Nor the times your partner is brutally honest, because you asked, what you thought, was an innocent question. Not even the times you are both stressing about everyday life. NOTHING SHOULD MATTER!!!! Except the love you have for each other. Despite every curveball life throws, love will always be able to hit a home run.

In a way, it is a shame I did not have this belief when I was married. I believe it was because neither of us really loved the other enough to just let bygones be bygones and surrender ourselves to love. I also believe…okay, not believe, I know I did not think of my partner as my soul mate. When I initiated the divorce, instead of being devastated, I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Sad, I know. However, today, I have a new attitude so back to…what I think other people’s biggest misconception is…

Being Single = Not Being Happy

In my case, I have never been happier. My life, compared to where it was as a taken gal, is like night and day. The negativity, control games, verbal sparing, arguments over nothing, lying…ALL OF IT…has been wiped clean. The worst drama I encounter everyday is my girlie cat meowing because she has not gotten her dinner fast enough!!! And my faith, well it has grown in leaps and bounds.

For you see, that is why I am happy ALL THE TIME!! I am never alone, never unloved and can talk all I want without being interrupted.  God and His Son have helped me through, taught me patience, given me peace of mind and spirit, brought me love, and helped me realize what matters the most.

Despite, my blessings, I still have bad days, stressful moments, brief wishes of a partner, worries, a few sleepless nights and times when I just feel like screaming, or crying or both. However, I choose this path and I am going to live the rest of my life as awesomely as I can.

Single? Fabulously so. Happy? You bet!

And with God, Jesus, my family, my kitties, my faith, my courage, my strength, and me, I have everything I ever need.



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