Etiquette For Those Public Potty Times

For a while now I have been wanting to write this but I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about it. Since this topic keeps coming back to haunt me, I am going to dive in, and let the words flow as they come…hang on, here we go…to delve into the realm of


  1. If a dribble hits the seat, please wipe it off before you leave.
  2. Don’t be afraid to let your bowels go loose, just every once in a while, give a courtesy flush.
  3. If on your cycle, please dispose of whatever device, be it tampon or pad in the bags provided in the stall. But instead of leaving them for someone else to throw away, please mind the sign, taking your bag and discarding it in the garbage can.
  4. When the toilet gets plugged, please don’t leave it be without alerting someone in maintenance so the next one looking for a place to sit, does not get grossed out and decides to vomit.
  5. On the subject of cell phones, it would behoove you to keep them shut off so the rest of us, meditating in our stalls, don’t think a crazy woman is having a conversation with just herself.
  6. For those who are keeping your wee children safe, please make sure they are safely locked, with you, in your stall so they don’t get curious and peek underneath each door trying to see what is going on.
  7. When there is only one or two sinks, don’t be a hog by putting on makeup, constructing your hair into a new do or standing around chit chatting. Spurt some soap, wash up those hands, and move back so others can clean up as soon as they can.
  8. If a piece of toilet paper floats out of your hand straight to the floor, please pick it up, and throw it away as I know no one likes to
    walk around with Charmin hanging off the soles of their shoes.
24 Carat Gold Toilet


Here’s to a pleasant experience in whatever public potty you visit…



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